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Own Factory Speed 60CM/S Paper Packaging Wet Kraft Dispenser Gummed Water Activated Automatic Tape Cutting Machine

Product Introduction

When NT-AT automatic kraft paper tape is used, adjust the length of the required tape, the tape can be output accurately and efficiently, and the tape can be cut off. The output tape is not only beautiful, but also can conveniently seal the carton. Efficiency, greatly saving manpower.

Key Feature

Factory custom Electronic Gummed Automatic Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser



The output length can be adjusted freely, the output speed is fast, the output is accurate, and the length can be customized.

Area of use

When using kraft paper tape, it can save manpower faster

      Safety Notes

  • Please use 200-230V power supply
  • Avoid placing in direct sunlight and outdoor places
  •  In case of failure, please cut off the power quickly.
  • When cleaning or maintaining the device, please disconnect the power and remove the plug first.
  • Do not disassemble or repair the device without the guidance of technicians.

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