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Factory Solvent glue Safety Stairs Non-Slip Skateboard Floor Strong Adhesive Outdoor White Stair Anti-Slip Tape

Product Introduction

The non-slip tape is based on PVC/PET/PEVA/aluminum foil, and has a high-hardness emery surface. Suitable for long-term use indoors and outdoors, anti-ultraviolet aging. Good weather resistance, suitable for use in environments with different temperatures and humidity. Reinforced acrylic adhesive is more durable and durable for irregular and rough surfaces.

Key Feature

Coated with natural rubber adhesive. The substrate is imported high-density PVC film, the product density is 80 mesh, part of the surface has a strong adhesive coating, the surface has diatomaceous earth particles on the surface, and is covered with white silicone release paper. Easily attaches to some difficult-to-attach surfaces. Resistant to oil and detergent, non-slip, strong self-adhesive, easy to use, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and resistant to peeling in any weather. Quickly adhere to the surface under the pressure of use, high stability and durability, waterproof and temperature resistant. Superior performance characteristics reduce injuries from unwanted slips, durable grit, oil resistant. Available in a variety of colors, including black, zebra, clear, red, yellow, blue, white, gray, and glow-in-the-dark strips.



Primer:ready-to-use strong adhesive.
Base paper: :white,kraft paper, environmentally
friendly silicone paper.
The size of the sand is measured by mesh: mainly
40,60,80,100,120,150 mesh,etc. The coarser the
wear resistance, the better.

Area of use

Use both inside and outside on sporting skateboard, steps, walkways, hospital, floor, stairs, machines,motor,vehicles, slope, kitchens, canteens.Prevent from slipping, avoid slipping accidents.Widely used in anti-skidding places or objects with humidity, skidding, viscous oil or special protecting.Fluorescent non-slip tape use in stair passages in buliding and high structures.

Model number Mesh Backing Thickness Color
BJ-FH01 40/60/80mesh PEVA 170mic Black/Pink/Green/ellowIYellow&Black/Transparent
BJ-FH02 80mesh PET+ Luminous 200mic Browm/Black/Red and White/Yellow&Black/Transparent
BJ-FH03 80mesh PET+ Luminous 230mic Black&Luminous Green/Black&Luminous Yellow
BJ-FH04 80mesh aluminum foil 250mic Black / yellow / Black Yellow
BJ-FH05 PU 300mic Black/Gray/Transparent

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