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Factory custom writable printing Eco-friendly degradable water activated reinforced kraft paper packaging tape

Product Introduction

The structure of water-activated reinforced kraft paper tape is composed of fully degradable kraft paper + fiber + kraft paper + starch glue, and they are compounded into a stronger tape by using a special composite process. The tensile force of the water-activated kraft paper tape becomes stronger and stronger, and the carrying capacity of heavy objects is better, which can be recycled and reused.

Key Feature

  • Water proof
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Recycled


Stronger pulling force and firmness, high initial viscosity, can be printed, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-corrosive.

Area of use

Widely used in express box sealing and packaging, heavy cargo packaging and transportation, supermarket packaging, brand packaging printing tape, cargo bundling, etc.

Base Material Model Number Color Total Weight Glue Thickness Tensile Strength
Kraft paper BJ-N650H Natural 85 g±2g/㎡ Eco-friendly starch adhesive 0.11mm 113 N/25mm 69 N/25mm
Kraft paper BJ-N700H Natural 90 g±2g/㎡ 0.13mm 110 N/25mm 105 N/25mm
Kraft paper BJ-W700 White 90 g±2g/㎡ 0.11 mm 103 N/25mm 71N/25mm
Kraft paper BJ-N800H Natural 100 g±2g/㎡ 0.145mm 152 N/25mm 153 N/25mm
Kraft paper BJ-N900H Natural 110 g±2g/㎡ 0.16mm 231 N/25mm 123 N/25mm
Kraft paper
fiber thread
BJ-120D Natural 118g±2g/㎡ 0.14mm 190 N/25mm 123 N/25mm
Kraft paper
fiber thread
BJ-125D Natural 125g±2g/㎡ 0.17mm 227 N/25mm 97 N/25mm
Kraft paper
fiber thread
BJ-130F White 105 g±2g/ ㎡  0.15mm 303 N/25mm 136 N/25mm
Kraft paper
fiber thread
BJ-130E White
100 g±2g/ ㎡  0.14mm  240 N/25mm 105 N/25mm
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tape detail

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