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Factory custom Super Strong Self Adhesive Waterproof Duct Aluminum Foil Tape For Fix pipeline

Product Introduction

Based on aluminum foil, coated with hot melt adhesive, oil glue or water glue.

Key Feature

  • Anti-oxidation
  • high durability
  • Prevent water vapor penetration
  • High viscosity


Used forseam sealing and joint bonding of various vaporbarriers

(laminated insulation facings).Provide fast and permanent bond performance for vapor barrier against the moisture.

Area of use

It is suitable for refrigeration and reflective occasions, such as temporary sealing of indoor air-conditioning pipes, refrigerators, water heater pipes, and heat pipe encapsulation, etc.

Code Construction Characteristic
BJ-LP01 Foil/Waterbased acrylic adhesive / Silicone coated release paper. Excellent compatibility to aluminum foil backing, low temperature resistance, energy saving and environmental protection.
BJ-LP02 Foll /Solvent based acrylic adhesive/ Silicone coated release paper. Excallent compatibility to aluminum foll backing, low temperature resistance, and water tolerance.
BJ-LP03 Foil/Synthetic rubber-resin adhesive/

Silicone coated release paper.

Excellent bonding performance to various backings, water tolerance, energyaving and environmental protection
BJ-LP04 Foil/Rame-retardant adhesive/  Silicone coated release paper. Excellent compatblity to aluminum fol backing and water toleranc8.UL723&BS476Pat6&Pat7aoprov
BJ-LP05 Coating/Foil/Solvent besed acryic adhesive/Silicone coated rolease paper. Mutiple  color  fnishes  are  available  to  be  applied on 8 suraceorng aumnuntol  EXcel8rt temperature shielding and corrosion resistance
BJ-LP06 Foil/Super aggressive acrylic adhesive/ Silicone coated release paper. Used for super duct. Super high bonding performance and lifespan.


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