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What You Need to Get Started

We have advanced production equipment. Before production, we will plan the customer's production plan to save the loss in the production process, so as to reduce the packaging cost for customers.
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Branding Logo

Send the logo you need to customize, such as: Al, PSD, EPS, SVG or PDF

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We will type your logo, and then analyze whether it needs to be changed, because the size and color of logo are key factors in printing production

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Confirm the customer’s tape size requirements, or customize the tape Jumbol roll, as well as the customer’s packaging requirements and transportation methods for the product

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Start sample proofing, and after confirming the accuracy of the sample, start mass production to give customers a product guarantee.

What You Need To Know?

Learn more about the answers to the common questions about starting to custom tape

Yes, our factory started making all kinds of tapes and sold them all over the world. We support offline and online viewing of the factory, and we can communicate and cooperate through exhibitions.

Of course, we have been cooperating with brands, sticking brand trademarks on products, implementing high-standard product packaging methods, and signing confidentiality agreements.

Yes, we will arrange professional salesmen to conduct the whole process of docking, including business communication, product design, and product sample delivery. We will be responsible for the whole process, and we can even hold video conferences to save communication costs.

We will calculate according to your product requirements, and give you the minimum order quantity. If the product is not printed, we sell it by box, which is very cost-effective. Generally, the minimum order can be started with 50 rolls, but we have to confirm The size and meters required by the customer.

At the beginning, when we evaluate your project and give you an accurate quotation, you will know that you know the cost of the project. Following the quotation of the product, we will help you calculate the logistics cost.

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How Will Start Your Custom Tape?

After contacting us

Send the specific requirements of this project, we will give an accurate quotation list, and we will send the product report information and our samples.

Provide product logo

Typesetting the product Logo design, whether the size is suitable for production, the size and color of the product Logo, will lead to loss of production, increase costs, and also confirm whether it will affect the aesthetics of the packaging.

Confirm sample product attributes.

According to the raw material, color of the product, as well as the viscosity and tension of the tape, whether it meets the customer’s requirements, start the sample test and send the sample. In this process, we only need 1-3 days

Order production

After confirming the sample is OK, we will start to confirm the contract. After paying the deposit, we will start mass production. After the production is completed and the final payment is paid, we can start shipping. We have sufficient production capacity, so the The efficiency is very fast, and the production takes 1-15 days (depending on the quantity)

Quality check and control

During mass production, we will conduct strict quality inspection of the tape, and take samples for testing to improve the pass rate of the tape and ensure the protection of customer orders.

Product delivery

Confirm the packaging method of the product with the customer, some of the goods are heavy, we need to calculate the cheapest packaging method that meets the customer’s requirements, and save the transportation cost of consumables for the customer.

After-sales problem handling

After the customer receives the goods, we will track the use of the goods. If the customer has encountered any problems in use, we will better help the customer to improve the product. At the same time, we will also remind the customer that the product is in use and repurchased in advance, so there is no need to worry, forget about buying tape supplies.

Repurchase order

When customers repurchase, they will give priority to the production of repurchased orders, thereby reducing the customer’s order production time, quickly completing the customer’s repurchased orders, increasing the stickiness of customers with us, and resulting in better cooperation.

Why choose us

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Enhance Your Branding

Improve your brand awareness, promote your brand, deepen customers’ impression and dependence on the brand, and create your own differentiation in the product market competition.

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Eco-friendly & biodegradable

We focus on environmentally friendly and degradable kraft paper packaging tape, which can contribute to our green earth, reduce pollution, and protect the environment in which we live. We use our brand to appeal to everyone to use environmentally friendly and degradable brand tape.

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Own a professional business team

Open up the market for customers, provide professional technical support behind the scenes, improve and better products, adapt to the environment, improve product stability, make customers more confident in promotion, better prices, and have their own core competitiveness.

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