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In baijin, we have large-scale tape coating machine equipment and printing machines, advanced tape rewinding machines and slitting machines, strict QC inspection lines, and more than ten years of product research and development experience. We mass-produce tape Jumbol roll, customized Printing full range of kraft paper tape, water Activated Kraft Paper Tape, Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape, water Activated reinforced Kraft Paper Tape, Self Adhesive reinforced Kraft Paper Tape masking tape, veneer tape, cloth base tape, non-slip tape, clear BOPP tape and Stretch film, etc.

Features and Benefits

Has 19 years of tape research and development experience
leading machinery and equipment icon

Equipped with industry-leading machinery and equipment

high-quality tape icon

We use high-quality tape raw materials to ensure product stability

environmentally friendly icon

Advocate research, development and production of environmentally friendly tapes, with international product certificates

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Enhance the brand effect and increase customers’ dependence on the brand

Custom types of tape

Not Sure How to Start Your Custom Tape Journey?

Not Sure How to Start Your Custom

Why 1000+ Businesses Trust BaiJin

Baijin is a factory that produces water-activated kraft paper tapes. With the continuous development of Baijin Packaging, we can not only provide you with more types of tapes, but also provide you with professional customized packaging tape solutions.
Experienced packaging solutions

Experienced packaging solutions

The team has a flexible and smart logo designer who specializes in logo layout for tape printing, has many years of tape printing experience, dedicated tape experts, I believe that professional packaging tape can not only improve your brand image, but also serve your customers , any information and support you need to create a custom tape experience.

In future environmentally friendly and recyclable projects, we must work hard together with you, and the success of customers is our success.

Control the cost of tape consumables for customers

When we determine the production plan for the customer, we will confirm with the customer the base material, glue, size, printing and other links of the tape with the customer, and produce products that meet the customer’s needs, and in these links, we will give a plan to reduce more Less production loss, thereby reducing the cost of customers, and controlling the quality of the production process.

Through such an adjustment, we continue to help customers develop markets, take advantage of price advantages and high-quality product quality, improve customers’ core competitiveness, and do a good job in customer brand promotion.

Control the cost of tape consumables for customers
Comply with the environmental protection policy of the international market

Comply with the environmental protection policy of the international market

In our team, we will continue to update and keep an eye on the regulations and requirements for the use of tapes in each country, quickly solve the problems of product import and export, and produce products that meet the regulations for the use of packaging tape consumables in each country and use standards.

Let customers judge the market more accurately, ensure the stability of customer development channels, obtain product information on the market faster, and help customers maintain market growth in product business.

Customers can get professional tape product service content

Starting from the requirements of the product, one-on-one service from the experienced tape business reduces communication costs and makes the product one-stop to the door, which is convenient, safe and reliable, and makes the order easier.
Consult us and communicate product details together icon

Consult us and communicate product details together

Put forward the specific requirements of the product and the packaging strategy, and we will give an accurate quotation plan to solve the customer’s doubts about the tape.

Receive customer product requirements icon

Receive customer product requirements

We will discuss the production process through the team, calculate the cost of the customer, draw a more professional quotation, and give the production plan and shipping time of the customer’s order, as well as formulate the shipping process

Need to print Logo customized products icon

Need to print Logo customized products

Our team will arrange a professional typesetting designer to carry out electronic typesetting. We need to provide the corresponding tape size, determine whether it is suitable for printing according to the design provided by the customer, and formulate a more cost-effective printing plan according to the customer’s original design.

High-quality production capacity icon

High-quality production capacity

The equipment of our factory is constantly updated. According to the feedback from the market, we will improve our products more, meet high-standard production requirements, and strictly inspect quality to make stable, high-quality, and affordable adhesive tapes.

Quality inspection and pre-shipment quality inspection icon

Quality inspection and pre-shipment quality inspection

We will arrange a professional quality inspection team on the assembly line to inspect the product and then pack it to ensure a super high product pass rate, and before packaging, we will check whether the packaging method is in accordance with the customer’s requirements to give the customer sufficient protection .

packaging and shipping

packaging and shipping

We will make recommendations based on the number of customers for packaging and shipping, and come up with lower-cost packaging and transportation methods, which will control the transportation costs of customers to the extreme, increase the value of customers’ products, and even improve market competitiveness.

Delivering Total Tape Success with Real Results

40% total costs saved

by optimizing structure and shipping routes

In the packaging of the product, we will give a plan to make the product more safe to transport,Thanks to Baijin for actively optimizing us, providing high-quality logistics, reducing the transportation risk of our products, and greatly reducing the cost of our imported tapes.

Elaina Eckland

CEO & Founder of Quicklearn

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What You Should to Konw?

Below you'll find answers to common questions about custom tape; however, if you need additional help, don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Yes, we are an all-in-one entity factory

The specific time depends on the customer’s needs, because the process of each tape is different, the general situation is 7-15 days, if the quantity is not very large, the time will be shorter, and we will use the sample by air, 2- 5 days we can deliver the samples.

We can customize the color that matches Pandora’s color, and can print multiple colors at the same time without limiting the quantity. We have sophisticated printing equipment to work.

Contact any of our mailboxes and someone will connect with you. You need to provide the specific size and quantity of the product, customized logo requirements, packaging requirements, transportation specific items, etc. We will start to provide solutions and suggestions for your requirements.  Know More

Of course, we provide free samples for testing, and also provide a series of product certificates such as product test reports.

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