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About Baijin factory

About BaiJin

Baijin Company was established in 1997. We started from a kraft paper tape factory, which is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta (Dongguan Humen) with convenient transportation in Guangdong, China.Initially, we focused on the production of environmentally friendly and degradable kraft paper tapes, supporting the cutting of kraft paper tapes, tape coating, tape printing.

The factory is equipped with large tape coating machines, slitting workshops, strict testing QC lines, fully automatic large printing machines, and supports multi-color printing.We have grown into a trusted partner of world famous brands, factory distributors, retailers in the adhesive tape industry.


History of Baijin

From a small tape workshop

Our Promise

These four safeguards represent our value to our customers
Make business easy icon

Make business easy

Our team will provide more concise and effective solutions to solve customer requirements and problems, making cooperation more efficient.

24 hours response icon

24 hours response

The existence of our business team makes our cooperation and communication more at ease and solves your doubts

Quality Assurance icon

Quality Assurance

We conduct quality inspections with the high standards of the industry. During the transportation process, we will also be accurate to the transportation steps and product placement schemes to reduce damage to samples during transportation.

High-quality logistics icon

High-quality logistics

We have a reliable logistics system and foreign trade import and export rights, making exports more reliable and faster.

Clients usa

We cooperated with Baijin and quickly found the direction of our own market layout. Because they have refined the products to the extreme, we have more market opportunities, make our channels bigger and bigger, and help us research out They bought a lot of popular products in the market, and I really admire how fast their response is. They are so detailed that they can explain clearly and deliver a sample immediately and send it to you. We still feel very lucky to cooperate with Baijin. Many thanks to them.

Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , UPS


Looking back, the company has been established for 26 years. Looking back, we have our own factory, our own team, and our own technology. The most critical factors for achieving such achievements are the hard work of our team and the unity of our employees. , Every order is taken seriously, we provide meticulous service to our customers, constantly solve difficulties, and at the same time continue to innovate.

Our company’s employees share a set of standards and ideal values, which is our corporate culture, which drives us to move forward. We have also been leading our team to a better future, constantly motivating them to move forward, and thanking them for their hard work.

Core value

Team spirit

Every employee must understand the importance of the team. In the team, everyone is equal, everyone is respected, and teamwork and development are carried out, mutual supervision, common progress, and the development of each employee is encouraged and supported.

Honest cooperation

In the industry, we put integrity first when doing business, to be an honest and trustworthy factory, and to win the trust of customers is something we will continue to do.

Philosophy values

In every movement of our factory, we are eager to show our passion for tape.Commitment – every customer of our company is taken seriously to ensure the smooth progress of every order and the sustainable development of customers.


we are constantly challenging difficulties, constantly learning and experiencing various problems, and constantly striving to improve the perfect products in the minds of customers.


customer satisfaction and trust is our service philosophy, unswervingly fulfilling our promise is our responsibility and responsibility.

Based on these values, we can continue to move forward to fulfill our dreams, make our customers’ markets more and more smooth, cooperate and win-win, and create our own development model.

team for Values
team for Values
core value
Honest cooperation
Our team

A whole team is at your service to help your success.

We are very pleased to have so many experienced salesmen, who are professional in products and production, have accumulated more than 20 years of product experience, and have formed our elite team with a common goal.

We hope that our experienced business managers can create valuable and reliable tape products for you.

We work together, go hand in hand, go to a more long-term place, and have a new height in this industry and market, let us be your strong backing, no matter you are a brand, distributor, factory, or direct use Those who, we will do our best to do our service, thank you for coming.

sale manager

Our ambition for the market is not only based on the layout of our adhesive tape products in the industry, but also because we are happy to cooperate with customers and build bridges and honors that belong to our previous hearts. Only when trust is the cornerstone can we stand taller. High, we can let customers choose us among many choices, we will feel very proud and proud.

Michelle Zhang

Sales Manager

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